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Bradbury, The Lyricist

Intuitive-ethical introvert

© Text: I.Weisband, Working Materials, 1986.
© Portraits: Ye.Filatova, Personality in the Mirror of Socionics, 2001.
© Translated by Dmitri Lytov, edited by Lev Kamensky, 2002.

Common sense tells us that the things of the earth exist only a little, and that true reality is only in dreams.—Charles Baudelaire.

Ray Bradbury—the American science fiction writer.

1. A somewhat idealistic romanticist. He is a person prone more to reflection than action. An individualist. He is little concerned with the present; he is more excited by brilliant perspectives of "bright cities, which may be built one day". His emotionality is of a high enough level, he understands very well the feelings of another and does not hide his own. But his emotionality is always somewhat restrained in order to observe the effect it produces. He expresses emotions not when another’s patience would get exhausted, but when he himself (she herself) considers it necessary. His way of handling emotions is very creative: for example, he may consider rage to be ethical, and restraint non-ethical.

2. Easily infatuated. What makes another stand out for him is forcefulness, drive, insightfulness, naturally if this force lends itself to the influence of his emotions. He is very tolerant to people, understands them and tries to forgive their weaknesses.

3. Tutankhamon’s smile. His line of defense in extreme conditions is his skill to demonstrate his attitude toward the situation, to reveal its comical aspects. So he has a fine sense of humor and possesses a very characteristic transparent smile, which appears at critical moments. His smile is warm, warming and exciting. However, his smile is in most cases caused by inner anxiety; the natural purpose of this smile is to raise his partner’s fighting spirit, to stir him up.

4. Elegant. He comes off as steady and upright. He practically never squints his wide-open eyes. Typically, he is not prone to lower his arch-shaped eyebrows. Elegance is an every day thing with him, not something reserved for outings and special occasions. One can seldom see him in a non-aesthetic pose, his voice intonations are also refined, and movements are plastic and even rhythmic. In the light of the aforementioned two things are amazing: he does not care much for the elegance of others (his dual, The Commander, is emphatically non-demonstrative); chaos reins in his living quarters; both things and people which enter his home should find their places by themselves, or with the help of someone other then the Lyricist.

5. A struggler for the emotional naturalness of people. He feels responsibility for mood of his friends and relatives, for their vital tonus. He uses his fine sense of humor to make them laugh, shake them up. In a company he scans the attendees not in order to find out what they are wearing, but in order to remark how each is feeling: this is exactly what he needs to relate to others. In general, he dreams of bringing harmony into society. History means to him history of the arts. He strives for beauty, which may be – poetry, arts, even nice trinkets. He himself strives to be refined. He adores communication with artists, poets, bohemians, and in general with exotic people.

Your dual (psychologically complementary type): Zhukov, The Commander (sensory-logical extravert).

You can also read one more description of this personality type (by Victor Gulenko, Ukraine, 1991, translated by Sergey Ganin, Great Britain, 1998).

The Imaginative INFp by Auvi Chakder

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Celebrities of this type

Hugh GRANT (actor, US), Liza KUDROW (actress, US), Edward NORTON (actor, US), Chulpan KHAMATOVA (actress, Russia), Jennifer ANISTON (actress, US), Frederic CHOPIN (composer, Poland—France, XIX century), Jean Jacques ROUSSEAU (philosopher, Switzerland, XVIII century), Friedrich Wilhelm SCHELLING (philosopher, Germany, XIX century), Ray BRADBURY (writer, US), Romain HARY (writer, FRANCE, also known as Emile AJART), Nikolai GOGOL (writer and Christian philosopher, Russia), Marceilles PROUST (writer, France), Paul CELAN (German poet, lived in Romania and France), Nikolai BUKHARIN (politician, Soviet Union), Laura BUSH (president's wife, US), Yuri GAGARIN (cosmonaut, Soviet Union), Georgi MALENKOV (politician, Soviet Union), Nikolai RYZHKOV (politician, Soviet Union).