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Zhukov, The Commander

Sensory-logical extravert

© Text: I.Weisband, Working Materials, 1986.
© Portraits: Ye.Filatova, Personality in the Mirror of Socionics, 2001.
© Translated by Dmitri Lytov, edited by Lev Kamensky, 2002.

In business everyone is out to grab, to fight, to win. Either you are the under or the over dog. It is up to you to be on top. — Alice Foote MacDougall

Gueorgui Zhukov—Marshal of the Soviet Union, a famous commander during the World War II.

1. The end result. This is the only thing that interests him. All he needs to achieve the final result he considers to be his vested interests. He is a strong-willed, determined person. "If stars shine at night – then somebody wanted it". With all his appearance he demonstrates he is far from being ostentatious, does not care for the impression he makes with others. “I did not understand, please repeat." – used to say Sergey Korolyov, the mastermind of the Soviet space technology. Few of Soviet top executives had the guts to ask this from Beria, the head of the Soviet secret police. All The Commander does is performed with ardor, passionately and must be brought to its conclusion. He has the personality of an untamed struggler, who must come out on top no matter what the cost. "One should not avoid difficulties! One needs to learn how to overcome them" is his motto.

2. Die Hard. The expression "severe but just" became already trivial about this sort of persons. Marshal Zhukov was a really tough person, but only he could say to Stalin: "If you believe that the Head of the Chief Headquarters is capable only of talking gibberish, then he has no reason to be here. I ask you to relieve me of my rank as the Head of the Chief Headquarters and to send to the front". He has no back thoughts about his right to manage other people. Even taking into account his love to collegial discussion of issues, he always reserves the last sentence for himself. This is usually compensated by profound passion for his cause and the ability to seed the same enthusiasm in others.

3. A fine tactician. He quickly grasps the current situation and distribution of power, makes a decision and acts. He is capable of political maneuvering but never forgets his line. He possesses powerful logic function, but this kind of logic is determined and thus biased, its purpose isn’t philosophical speculations but the creative search for the shortcut to finding a solution. It is easier for him to concede his logic than his goal.

4. Dispassionate. He seldom gives in to fear, hatred, and other negative emotions, rarely gets surprised and rarely envies. The more dangerous the situation, the more self-disciplined and resolute he becomes.

5. He does not like to speak about feelings: this is not his line. And if by chance such words slip out, he feels as if he betrayed himself. He is afraid of emotional love, considering it an undeserved luxury. He is anxious of other feelings as well. Perceiving others to be just like him, he has no doubt that he may be desired, but he is seldom sure he can also be loved. He needs his partner’s emotional support and submits his emotions to him. However, in practical activity he never tends to adaptation, but only to dictation.

Your dual (psychologically complementary type): Bradbury, The Lyricist (intuitive-ethical introvert).

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The Playful ESTp by Laura Bradford

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Celebrities of this type

Richard BURTON (actor, US), Marlon BRANDO (actor, US), Michael DOUGLAS (actor, US), Takeshi KITANO (actor, Japan), Russell CROWE (actor, US), MADONNA (singer, US), Al PACINO (actor, US), Sharon STONE (actress, US), Rutger HAUER (actor, US), Anthony HOPKINS (actor, US), Richard WAGNER (composer, Germany, XIX century), Galina VISHNEVSKAYA (opera singer, Russia—US), Martin LUTHER (religious reformer, Germany, XVI century), Lavrenty BERIA (politician, Soviet Union), Napoleon BONAPARTE (monarch, France, XIX century), Hermann GOERING (politician, Germany, 3rd Reich), Hillary R. CLINTON (politician, US), Vladimir LENIN (politician, Soviet Union), Peter I (monarch, Russia), Winston CHURCHILL (politician, UK).