3rd quadra: the rational dual pair

Logical-intuitive extravert
ethical-sensory introvert

© From: V.Meged, A.Ovcharov. Learn To Manage People Efficiently, 2000.

The Enterpriser' activities are pragmatically directed; he likes to spearhead the newest developments of science and technology up to practical implementation. He pays attention to everything unusual and less studied, but more willingly he is occupied with things bringing material profit. The Guardian needs such a hardworking partner, who can provide the necessary life standard; he helps his partner by accomplishing all undertakings, taking care of details and sparing material resources. Without such assistance The Enterpriser can be too extravagant, reckless and neglectful of his responsibilities, getting attracted to other things.

The Enterpriser sees perspectives and positive trends in development of business. He bravely takes risk, making great investments and bets. He is very optimistic and ardent in his dealings, which sometimes leads him to failure. But he never loses heart and with the same enthusiasm starts everything up again.

The Guardian likes such an impulsive and unpredictable partner, who does not let him get stuck with weighing all pros and cons of a decision. It helps to avoid the distressful feeling of uncertainty by confronting him with the fait accompli. Any waiting for the definite outcome is painful for The Guardian; he can becomes indecisive, too conservative and fussy. The Enterpriser with his characteristic sense of humor allays all his partner's apprehensions and takes the initiative in his own hands. He distracts from unnecessary details, thus targeting The Guardian to more global actions.

The Enterpriser is hardly capable of safeguarding achievements, keeping old traditions and customs. He neglects his own time (and sometimes others), when he has an interesting conversation. For these reasons he may be late for meetings and behind on commitments. By contrast, The Guardian is punctual and attentive. He 'calculates' his time and energy and then spends them rationally and evenly. He tries to makes sure that others are timely as well. His life may become monotonous when his partner does not inspire him with new projects and ideas, which he hardly notices on his own.

In communication The Guardian creates a certain distance, even when he tries to be kind and polite. He is mistrustful and critical and increasingly demanding. The Enterpriser creates a relaxed, natural and easy atmosphere of communication. But his jokes tend to be out of place or ambiguous.

The Guardian watches and corrects his dual's mistakes. He succeeds in doing this as much as The Enterpriser succeeds in releasing tension in relations with people. The Enterpriser may become a victim to people who exploit his unwariness. The Guardian understands the nuances of relationships and sees what people really want. He takes preventive actions to counteract deceitful people and actions. He thus saves his dual from false friends.

The Guardian diligently performs routine tasks; he is well aware of what people need not in the future, but in the here and now, and finds an active supporter in his dual.

The Guardian is capable of handling great tasks for extended periods without relaxation, enduring difficulties and illness. He can be quite tolerant, but if irritated, he may strike a blow in the enemy's most vulnerable spot, teaching him a good lesson. In achieving his goals he is insistent, demanding to himself and others, and thus he stabilizes his restless dual, who tends to squander his energy in conflicting directions.

The Guardian likes justice and objectivity. He wants to know what is legal and what is not. He is not sure of his own skills and is mistrustful of compliments, especially concerning his talents, possibilities and business skills. On the other hand, he is sure about his rights and power. Being well aware that The Enterpriser does not always properly protect his interests, he bravely repulses those who encroach upon them. He is thankful to the Enterpriser for demonstrating by real facts that there is nothing impossible for The Guardian, that he does everything well, either by himself or in cooperation with his partner.

The Enterpriser finds ways out of difficult and intricate situations and by doing this also inspires his dual with the feeling of a secure future, which is so important for this worrisome person. He suggests, what can be required from whom in certain affairs and why, who possesses which talents and how they can be used.

This dual pair is distinguished by such qualities as endurance, hard work and the sense of justice, which sometimes turns into critiquing self and others.