1st quadra: the irrational dual pair

Intuitive-logical extravert
sensory-ethical introvert

© From: V.Meged, A.Ovcharov. Learn To Manage People Efficiently, 2000.

The Seeker is somewhat 'not here and now', he longs for far-reaching projects. He is obsessed with many ideas, which he explains so vaguely that only few people can understand him. The Mediator, however, does not refuse them at once, but shows interest and if he finds in them something useful, he looks for support of people capable of practical implementation of these ideas. If these ideas, however, seem to him too naive, or if their implementation may be too problematic, The Mediator can 'earthen' The Seeker's redundant inventive energy, calm him down and distract from 'fighting windmills'. He appreciates The Seeker's originality of thought and often shares his passions. In general, he tolerantly attends to this 'eternal child', playing the role of a caring parent. He guides the practical side of their common life.

The Seeker is critical towards everything created earlier. He looks for new ways and alternatives. Having analyzed the situation and finding its dubious aspects, he may provoke split in an organization and create his own group of adherents. But lack of tactfulness does not allow him to keep the adherents at his side. However, The Mediator is an expert at 'shuttle diplomacy'; he is quite capable of grouping people, softening the ethical mistakes of his dual and finding support of his superiors. He takes care of the comfort, rest and amusement of the party. He can arrange holiday parties. But in everyday chores he is mobile and strives for completion of his undertakings. That is if he is convinced in the perspective of the new undertakings, the suggested solution of complicated and intricate situations. The Mediator watches the flow of work and does not let The Seeker stop halfway by getting attracted to a new idea. The Seeker needs such a stabilizer both in affairs and in relations.

The Seeker gets mobilized in critical moments: bravely repulses the enemy, protecting both his own interests and those of others. By doing this he sometimes loses the feeling of necessary limit. The Mediator who directs his initiatives watches him. When The Seeker loses vital tonus and begins neglect his duties, The Mediator 'arranges an emotional episode' for him and by this raises his spirits. But on the other hand, he can extinguish a quarrel by his diplomacy and jokes, before it results in rupture of relations. His feelings often return The Seeker ‘to solid ground’, distracting him from abstractions, making him think about practical tasks as well. The Seeker cannot regulate distance in communication; sometimes he is out of place, unceremonious, too credulous towards people, too kind to those who envy him. For this reason he may get into trouble. The Mediator saves him from this.

The Mediator can take care of the health and comfort of others. The Seeker appreciates this trait of his dual very much. He responds to The Mediator with reciprocity. He strives to be faithful in their partnership and friendship, which is especially liked by The Mediator.

Although The Mediator is ostentatiously optimistic, he is very much afraid of the future, as the source of uncertainty. His dual saves him from such doubts by making forecasts and especially by taking global strategic protective measures. The Mediator periodically falls into laziness but his dual does not rebuke him for it, in other words, does not require him to be always highly productive. The Mediator likes The Seeker's capability of deriving benefit from everything without much effort, of concluding profitable agreements, and he willingly assists his partner in such affairs.

Ingenuousness, impulse of life and feelings represent the 'visiting card' of this dual pair.