1st quadra: the rational dual pair

Logical-intuitive introvert
ethical-sensory extravert

© From: V.Meged, A.Ovcharov. Learn To Manage People Efficiently, 2000.

The Analyst possesses clear logical thinking and therefore makes strict and well-grounded conclusions. This is exactly what The Bonvivant needs. His wild emotions often collide with objectivity in his understanding of what needs to be done. Moreover, he has trouble distinguishing between what is important from what is secondary. For this reason The Bonvivant tends to expend too much time and energy doing favors for people who could easily get by without such assistance. The Analyst suggests what is profitable and what is not worth wasting time and material on; otherwise The Bonvivant may be excessive.

The Analyst loves intellectual development. He pays attention to new theories and technologies. The Bonvivant is receptive to everything new and willingly finds necessary information for The Analyst on issues that interest him. Since The Bonvivant is very active and prompt, he is always well informed about everything concerning demand and proposal. On the other hand, The Analyst lacks tact and sincere attention towards people. In this way he often unintentionally offends people. Others may feel he is impersonal or like objects of cold-minded analysis.

The Bonvivant can bring warmth and easiness into communication. He often releases tension by his jokes and demonstrations of warm feelings. He uses close physical and psychological approacheshugs, touches etc. In this way he softens ethical mistakes of The Analyst by turning serious things into ridiculous. In critical situations he can even apologize for his partner, unless he agrees with him. And when he agrees, he becomes like an emotional hurricane smashing opponents in his way.

The second problem of the Analyst is lack of initiative. He often neglects his physical needs, and does not defend his interests unless it directly relates to his principles. However, in defending his principles The Analyst demonstrates outstanding inflexibility. One can break his impertinence only by influencing his softness, which he hides under a mask of haughtiness, but only in the sphere of relations and not ideas or principles.

The Bonvivant easily manages such problems, especially because he rarely understands the sphere of abstract ideas and does not consider himself to be competent enough to argue about them. He is more interested in mundane problems. This is why he willingly cares for health and appearance of The Analyst, and by this softens his severe soul. He can protect practical interests (his dual does not always clearly understand them), round the departments, make arrangements, take care of everyday chores. He bravely rejects would-be-friends who in fact only want to use The Analyst’s skills for their own interest.

The Bonvivant finds in The Analyst a source of clear information and total objectivity, which helps him to solve various problems and schedule actions. He arranges rest stops and amusements for his dual, who tends to deplete himself by working too hard. He is proud of himself when he succeeds in thawing the ice of The Analyst's mistrust and submits his independent partner to his emotional influence. He tames his proud nature and manages him so finely that the Analyst has no qualms ("because we want the same thing").

The Bonvivant is an expert at manipulating emotions of others, thus arousing the necessary attitude of others. He understands the use of The Analyst's talents and hard work, and so does not hold back in praising him and creating efficient working conditions for him. The weakest point of The Bonvivant is his lack of foresight. His mistakes in global choices can be as great as The Analyst's mistakes in the sphere of feelings. The Analyst can predict the outcome of certain actions or events, if only he himself is not obsessed by emotions, which happens to him very rarely.

In certain cases this dual pair may demonstrate a disregard for the morals and opinions of the others, shocking them by the straightforwardness of their actions.