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Dreiser, The Guardian

Ethical-sensory introvert

© Text: I.Weisband, Working Materials, 1986.
© Portraits: Ye.Filatova, Personality in the Mirror of Socionics, 2001.
© Translated by Dmitri Lytov, edited by Lev Kamensky, 2002.

Every duty is a charge, but the charge of oneself is the root of all others. – Mencius.

Theodore Albert Hermann Dreiser—the famous American writer.

1. He easily earns other people's trust. He is polite, tactful, has fine esthetical taste and knows how to apply it. He knows for sure who loves whom, who hates whom, who wants (either what or whom), who influences whom and why. A moralist, often is distinguished by the sharpness of his comments. He perfectly remembers both good and evil, and considers it necessary to "repay" for them. He values friendship very much and does not forgive treason. However, he is not constant in love before marriage, because considers impossible to keep on relations that are exhausted. He does not like those who are incapable of loving. He regulates relations not as much by words but by voice tone and expressive look. He does not reveal emotions much, and so appears cold-blooded. Often he does not look directly into his interlocutor's eyes, as though in order not burn him down. A complicated ethical situation inspires him.

2. "Emotional barrier". In a new group of people he is usually a quiet, modest person. He watches and listens in order to understand whether he can attract people to himself and to his ideal of human relations. If he cannot, then he keeps on silence or even leaves. Among those whom he considers friends he is active and talkative. Friends are those who accept his ethical norms. He submits his emotions to the emotions of the others: among cheerful people he is cheerful as well, among angry he too is angry.

3. Enemy must envy. He never reveals his wrath and fury, but remains emphatically polite and self-satisfied. Only a good friend can see him bedraggled and not sufficiently careful. He is always "totally buttoned up", internally mobilized, extremely intolerant to untidiness and disorder.

4. Sexual liberties are not for him. He keeps fidelity to his spouse not for him/her, but for the sake of self-respect. For a woman of this type a thought that somewhere is a man who "has had" her is unbearable. He dislikes a lot, when somebody snoops about his talents, potential capabilities or boasts about own capabilities in front of other people.

5. He lives in the "here and now" and does not like to wait. He prefers the kinds of work that he can complete quickly and enjoy the result. While others consider him punctual, he considers himself being always late. Due dates make him really nervous. This is why The Enterpriser, his dual, having bought tickets to a theater, will keep it secret until the last day.

6. He expresses love through actions rather than words; however, he does not like to invent tasks for himself and in everyday activities gladly submits to his partner's will. At any time he can leave one task and switch to another, if his partner wishes him to. He may even sacrifice himself for society. For instance, in his family he can bear responsibility for all everyday material needs, when his partner performs a socially important position.

Your dual (psychologically complementary type): Jack London, The Enterpriser (logical-intuitive extravert).

You can also read one more description of this personality type (by Victor Gulenko, Ukraine, 1991, translated by Sergey Ganin, Great Britain, 1998).

The Valiant ISFj by Reuben McNew

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Celebrities of this type

Lara Flynn BOYLE (actress, US), Leonardo DI CAPRIO (actor, US), Tom CRUSE (actor, US), Michele PLACIDO (actor, Italy), Michelle PFEIFFER (actress, US), Susan SARANDON (actress, US), John TRAVOLTA (actor, US), Cybill SHEPHERD (actress, US), Alexander DOVZHENKO (writer and movie director, Ukraine), Theodore H.A. DREISER (writer, US), Jerome D. SALINGER (writer, US), Francis S. FITZGERALD (writer, US), Stefan ZWEIG (writer, Austria), Leonid BREZHNEV (politician, Soviet Union), Elisabeth II (monarch, UK), Jacqueline KENNEDY ONASSIS (president's wife, US), Richard NIXON (politician, US).