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Tom Sawyer, The Psychologist

Intuitive-ethical extravert

© Text: I.Weisband, Working Materials, 1986.
© Portraits: Ye.Filatova, Personality in the Mirror of Socionics, 2001.
© Translated by Dmitri Lytov, edited by Lev Kamensky and Darren Chappell, 2002.

Who sees all beings in his own Self, and his own Self in all beings, loses all fear. – Isa Upanishad.

Tom SAWYER—a hero of Mark Twain's book.

1. (removed for copyright reasons)

2. A Don Juan. He gauges various virtues and talents in the people he meets and cannot hold back from reporting his observations to them with great enthusiasm. Often other people mistake his display of emotions for his real feelings, which earns him the reputation of a Don Juan. In fact, he is quite conservative in his feelings, attached to a close circle of his friends, whose opinions hold great weight for him and totally determine his mood, behavior, and knowledge. If he really is a playboy, he does not hide it.

3. Sensitive. His speech is often romantic, his smiles are enticing, but very often that’s as far as it goes. His motto is ‘emotional power over all and sexual freedom from all’.

4. "Modest". As a rule, he is not ambitious, because he can enjoy the circle of his friends and the anticipation of something interesting. Unlike The Politician, who likes to be an obvious ruler of the situation, he prefers to be its covert ruler. And his influence is directed first of all towards making other people reveal their skills and talents.

5. A scientist. He is sensitive about how others evaluate his mental skills. Often he strives to get a degree in higher learning, achieve scientific recognition and awards: this gives him the opportunity to work with a clear conscience (without having to doubt his qualifications). He is touchy when other people criticize ideas that he holds dear, or deny him and his friends’ talents. This is why he prefers the company of those who share his beliefs.

6. A person of mood. His mood determines everything: plans for the future, self-estimation, and ideas about the world. Ambitious plans can change to disappointment and sadness; but interesting news, praise, or an unexpected interesting opportunity immediately lifts his spirits. Boredom can even make him ill.

7. Altruistic. He is ready to help other people in solving their personal problems. The greatest pleasure for him is to find a way out from the situation that others consider hopeless. He is capable of demonstrating friendliness and benevolence to all. However, he saves his real efforts for about whom he is serious, and in this case he does much more than people ever expect from him and more than he himself promises.

Your dual (psychologically complementary type): Gabin, The Craftsman (sensory-logical introvert).

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The Effervescent ENFp by Topaz.

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Celebrities of this type

Fanny ARDANT (actress, France), Jane BIRKIN (actress, UK), Pierre RICHARD (actor, France), CHER (actress and singer, US), Tim ROTH (actor, US), Tom HULCE (actor, US), Thomas Henry HUXLEY (biologist, UK), Mark TWAIN (writer, US), Bernard SHAW (writer, UK)...