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Hugo, The Bonvivant

Ethical-sensory extravert

© Text: I.Weisband, Working Materials, 1986.
© Portraits: Ye.Filatova, Personality in the Mirror of Socionics, 2001.
© Translated by Dmitri Lytov, edited by Lev Kamensky, 2002.

Love begets love. This torment is my joy. – Theodore Roethke

Victor HUGO—the famous French writer.

1. Ardent. He has a wide spectrum of powerful emotions. He is capable of staying true to the vision of his youth throughout his whole life (Henry Schliemann still in his childhood decided to excavate the city of Troy; to achieve his dream he had to get an education, in spite of his poverty, and to get rich). An admirer of the arts as a source of pleasure. He creates his mood by himself and knows how to make it contagious for others. Emotionally fine, kind, compassionate.

2 Untiring. Always active, he is ever mixing with people, rushing to and from. He can easily switch from one task to another. He works very diligently. He does not prefer one errand to another, all should be accomplished whether interesting or not. This is not something to be discussed or analyzed; simply the work must be completed. He appears very self-assured and self-satisfied, as if succeeding without effort in all endeavors. It seems like he acts promptly and gets good results. However, he himself might not see it that way, so he greatly appreciates sincere compliments for his work.

3. My home is your home. Hugo is a pleasant interlocutor and a very attentive listener. He can pick the right key to any person. He joys himself in making others happy. Revels in table talks and all sorts of merriment. All his considerate attention is for his guest. He is capable of understanding other people, admire them, approve of their deeds, and express compassion. He trusts people, is distant from envy taking pleasure in the successes of others. He accurately detects their flaws and makes fun of them, without any intent to insult the person.

4. Traditionalist. He does not seek or like new solutions preferring older, time-tested methods. To solve the most intricate problems it is necessary for him to work alone, he gives too much attention to people and would be distracted if someone is around. When working among others he makes a lot of unnecessary movements, as if to disguise what he is really doing. In this way he draws to work his dual (The Analyst), which does not tolerate a commanding tone. He loves when people trust his word and do not demand for him to substantiate what he is saying. He is not aggressive, but he defends himself very actively. He won't even let his superiors offend him.

5. Adherent of order. He loves to dress up and takes good care of his appearance. He can't tolerate any disorder or uncertainty in everything from his appearance to his garage and cubbyhole. He does not wish to adapt to the tastes of others. Compliments on his appearance are in vain—he believes he knows better how he looks. He takes not of not just spiritual qualities of his partner, but physical as well.

6. Relationships in his life. People around him usually respect his opinion, but try not to communicate with him for too long, it is not easy to withstand his emotional charge. For the same reason he hasn't too many close friends. He reaches his goals through his own hard work and does not hope for the assistance of others. What he values most in his life is his family. If he had to choose between love and a degree, he would choose the first, considering it a priority, while viewing science as a self-indulgence, a pleasurable avocation.

Your dual (psychologically complementary type): Robespierre (The Analyst) (logical-intuitive introvert).

You can also read one more description of this personality type (by Victor Gulenko, Ukraine, 1991, translated by Sergey Ganin, Great Britain, 1998).

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Celebrities of this type

Juliette BINOCHE (actress, France), Sandra BULLOCK (actress, US), Lolita DAVIDOVICH (actress, US), George CLOONEY (actor, US), Emir KUSTURICA (movie director and actor, Serbia), Courtney LOVE (actress, US), Liza MINNELLI (actress, US), Natalia OREIRO (actress and singer, Argentina), Miranda RICHARDSON (actress, US), Friedrich ENGELS (politician, Germany, XIX century), Graham GREENE (writer, UK), Yasser ARAFAT (politician, Palestina), Fidel CASTRO RUZ (politician, Cuba), Irina SLUTSKAYA (figure skater, Russia).